Top 5 altcoins that outperformed BTC on the last 4 hours candlestick:: tweet by resource has published a tweet with the ratings of tokens, which surpassed the growth of Bitcoin over the past 4 hours.

Below you can familiarize yourself with the content of this tweet:

1. PERP +14.59%

2. CQT +7.74%

3. AERGO +7.63%

4. SNX +7.05%

5. BICO +5.86%

As we can observe from the presented information, Aergo tokens showed an increase of more than 7.63%, taking the honorary third place.

Earlier, we noted a significant increase in the trading volume of Aergo, which was a sign of the beginning of the growth wave.

Aergo tokens are significantly underestimated by the market. We expect positive development on this trading instrument.