AERGO to accelerate its focus to NFT/SBT, introducing AERGO Connect 3.0: Medium Article

On February 25, 2023, an Article dedicated to AERGO Connect 3.0 was published on the official Aergo Medium page.

You can familiarize yourself with its content on our website below.

AERGO is to accelerate its focus to NFT and SBT markets as it unveils a new mobile wallet developed from scratch, AERGO Connect 3.0, with focus on connectability and security. AERGO Connect 3.0 can be downloaded from Google Play from Feb 24th, and will be available on iOS and Chrome shortly after.

AERGO Connect 3.0 features:

  • new design language and user experience,
  • support for AERGO-based crypto collectibles, NFTs and SBTs(ARC 1 and ARC 2),
  • staking and governance vote,
  • access to AERGO-based blockchain applications and Web 3

Hochul, CISO of AERGO, said “providing the necessary services, especially a comprehensive mobile wallet solution, has been the priority of the team to expand the AERGO ecosystem as more third parties including exchanges implement AERGO mainnet.” He added, “AERGO Connect 3.0 will provide a great user interface, foster AERGO native ecosystem, and increase the adoption of AERGO.”

“AERGO Connect 3.0 will serve a critical role for both AERGO and Blocko as the two companies penetrate NFT/SBT markets,” said Won Kim, co-ceo of Blocko.

AERGO Connect 3.0 Download


[iOS — soon to be released]

[Chrome — soon to be released]

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