The following sources of information currently exist:

Official site of the project AERGO

Official site of the BLOCKO

Aergo’s official page on Medium

Aergo’s official page on Youtube

Blocko’s official page on Youtube

Official page of Blocko on Twitter

Aergo’s official page on Twitter

Aergo’s official page on Github

Official Aergo group in Telegram

Official Aergo Announcements group in Telegram

Jae Shin’s official twitter page

The Unofficial Aergo Hodlers and Traders Discussions Group in Telegram

Aergo Ru Official Group in Telegram

Aergo’s official page on Wechat

Aergo’s official page on Reddit 

Aergo’s official page on Kakaotalk

Russian sait about Project AERGO

Youtube channel Aergo Community News

Information about Aergo on

Information about Aergo on

Information about Aergo on

  1. Aergo’s official page in
  2. Official page in
  3. Official page of AergoKnights in twitter

Important documents:

AERGO 2021: Vision and Roadmap

Aergo Roadmap 2021 Update

Aergo Q2 & Q3–2020 Quarterly Project Update

Aergo Q4–2019 & Q1–2020 Quarterly Project Update

Whitepaper –

Technical Whitepaper –

AERGOSQL Whitepaper –

Aergo Q1 (Quarterly Project Update) –

Aergo Q2 (Quarterly Project Update) russian version –