AERGO Agora is named after Agora, an open space that served as a meeting ground for various activities of the citizens in ancient Greek cities.

AERGO Agora is the new on-chain governance system that aims to be a business-minded DAO and decentralised decision-making framework.

AERGO token holders can participate and contribute in making governing decisions for the AERGO ecosystem through AERGO Agora. AERGO Agora will be accelerating AERGO to become a democratic, fully self-sustaining and open ecosystem.

Aergo Scan

Aergo Scan is an explorer for the officially supported networks.
You can monitor blocks as they get produced and check transactions and accounts.

AERGO Portal (Voting)

With the AERGO 2.0 upgrade, certain parameters of the public mainnet are now subject to a DAO vote. Everyone who has a stake can participate in the voting process, making AERGO’s on-chain governance much more decentralize.

AERGO Connect (Wallet)

AERGO Connect is the only wallet to manage AERGO native accounts.

  • Local encrypted private key storage: your credentials never leave your computer
  • Manage accounts on multiple AERGO blockchains
  • Send transactions: Both value transfers as well as contract calls, with special support for governance transactions
  • Export and Import of encrypted keystore files
  • DApp API: interact with enabled websites
  • (Experimental) Connect Ledger hardware wallet

Simplified ver of a step by step guide

IDE (Build, Deploy)

A web interface to deploy smart contracts.

This site uses a webservice to compile the Lua smart contract

Smart (Tx Builder) is a Tx Builder for sending TX and deploying smart contracts on the AERGO Chain.

You can use the interface to create all kinds of TX and send them using AERGO Connect.

Actions you can create with the TX Builder include

  • Normal Transactions
  • Transfers
  • Contract Call
  • Contract Deploy
  • nameCreates
  • nameUpdates
  • Stake
  • Unstake
  • voteBP
  • voteDAO

Additionaly, you can batch these to mix and match with our intuitive TX builder. Try it out!


AERGO allows businesses to build innovative applications and services by sharing data on a trustless and serverless IT ecosystem


GOTCHU Crowdfunding Platform

Aergo Enterprise

Captain Aergo