The Blocko Story Of The Century: The Great MOU : new Medium Article by Corey Costa

Blocko Signs An MOU With Bespin Global To Promote Blockchain MSP (Managed Service Provider)Business

Blocko Has Just Signed The Largest MOU In Its History: Bespin Global Has 2000 Enterprise Customers!

Introduction: The Great Cooperation: Blocko And Bespin

Bespin Global and Blocko signed a business agreement to promote the blockchain MSP business. (Left) Han-Joo Lee, CEO of Bespin Global, and Jae Shin, Executive Vice President of Blocko (Right)

It is evident that Blocko has made massive strides to become one of the largest service providers for enterprise blockchains, not only in Korea, but globally. Today, Blocko is proud to announce that Bespin Global and Blocko have signed an MOU to establish a cooperative system to promote the blockchain MSP (Managed Service Provider) business. These two enterprise grade behemoths compliment one another through mutually related industries. Bespin Global, whose aim is to be the world’s most automated management company meets blockchain specialization through the enterprise grade reliability and expertise of Blocko. This dynamic paradigm will emphasize and promote blockchain and cloud technology support through technological collaboration and specific know-how and solution models. This business agreement was made with the primary goal of providing blockchain technology conveniently and safely to corporate customers.

The Close Cooperation Model: The Compliments Of Enterprise Business Agreements

Bespin Global: Helping You Adopt Cloud Through Bespin And Blockchain Through Blocko

There is always a reason, a goal and a vision behind business collaborations; they’re never made haphazardly without a defined goal. These two companies plan to establish a close cooperation system for the successful initiation and implementation of the blockchain-specialized MSP project to cooperate with each other. Blocko will provide its technological know-how and related solutions as a blockchain specialized company, and Bespin Global will also support cloud technology know-how, networks and solutions. Blocko is a blockchain-specialized MSP (Managed Service Provider) that helps anyone easily use the often times complex blockchain systems that enterprises are still attempting how to utilize to their benefit, simultaneously it reduces the troubles of companies adopting blockchain through the Aergo mainnet-based blockchain technology.

Bespin Global is a cloud delivery platform company that provides comprehensive cloud services such as migration to the cloud environment, construction, operation, management, DevOps, big data, and security. Hanju Lee, CEO of Bespin Global, said, “Through this MOU, Bespin Global’s experience of operating cloud-based services for over 2,000 customers and Blocko’s unrivaled blockchain technology are combined. I am confident that the partnership between the two companies will be a new leap forward in the blockchain management and operation industry. We will collaborate with Jonghwan Kim.” Jonghwan Kim, CEO of Blocko emphasized “blockchain is a technological innovation with infinite potential for future development. Through this agreement, Bespin Global will be able to receive support for cloud operation management know-how. We hope that the mutual cooperation between the two companies will serve as an opportunity to easily provide blockchain-based services to more customers, such as the STO (Security Token Disclosure) service, which has recently been in rapid demand.” Now I know AERGO token holders are wondering “how does this benefit me as a token holder”, well, the possibilities are numerous.

The Bespin And Blocko Collaboration: AERGO Possibilities: Endless: 2000 Enterprise Customers

2000 Enterprise Customers From Bespin Global Will Be Introduced To AERGO: Its Time To Show You How

Bespin Global, specializing in cloud IT software, aims to utilize the AERGO mainnet through a variety of ways, adding to the utility of the platform on an immense scale. Bespin Global has expressed interest in converting their enterprise customers with a point system to an STO based platform that is, you heard it here first, on the AERGO mainnet! Jae Shin has begun to train the Bespin salesforce as well as the engineers to turn this vision into a concrete reality of utility for the AERGO mainnet. Not only will an STO based platform be utilized on the AERGO mainnet in association with Bespin Global, but increased utility will occur with GEMPAY, as it will play a massive role in this brand new paradigm; PlusFi will also be a major role in accordance to Bespin Global.

Through the utilization of GEMPAY, the net result of accelerated adoption of the AERGO token has the potential to be massive. GEMPAY will be the wallet that will hold all the various new tokens onboarded by enterprise clients as well as AERGO mainnet tokens; now why is this important, because it introduces enterprise customers to the AERGO platform and the AERGO mainnet tokens. The successful amalgamation of an STO platform as a service, built on the AERGO platform for new enterprise customers and the Bespin salesforce introducing this platform to their two-thousand enterprise clients cannot be overstated. PlusFi will also play a major role in these new inductions into the AERGO ecosystem. If you aren’t aware of the intricacies of PlusFi, think of it as the KlaySwap Service for the AERGO platform: PlusFi is the AERGO Swap Service. The AERGO Gem will be the stable token pegged to the Korean Won. As more tokens within the ecosystem are successfully issued and launched, there will be a necessary hub for swaps, this is where PlusFi comes in! Our expectation is that new token issuers will provide liquidity for their swaps, adding more liquidity into the AERGO sphere. The opportunities for AERGO’s expansion, with this brand new collaboration, are endless!

Conclusion: The Blocko Expansion: Fueling The Accelerated Adoption Of AERGO

As Blocko Expands, AERGO Adoption Expands

It is evident that the MOU between Blocko and Bespin Global will onboard numerous enterprise grade clients into the AERGO ecosystem through the expertise delivered by both of these companies. This is a massive feat for Blocko and Bespin Global alike; successfully amalgamating their mutual expertise’s to develop solutions for one another, while simultaneously enabling over two-thousand clients to interact with the AERGO mainnet, it is a complete win for every enterprise involved. This fostering of relationships are what propel businesses forward, and in this case, Blocko, Bespin Global and AERGO.