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Blocko XYZ , which can be seen at the 2022 Seoul Money Show, is a specialized block chain company. This is the company that issued the first attempt this year, ‘Seoul Money Show NFT’ . Blocko XYZ is Blocko ‘s dApp development subsidiary, which developed the coin ‘ AERGO ‘ listed on Upbit. Argo is a hybrid blockchain that utilizes the advantages of each of public and private blockchains. It builds a technical and operational framework that supports an ecosystem of DApp developers, partners that provide cloud services, and companies. The representative service of Blocko XYZ is the ‘ CCCV ‘ platform . CCCV is named after Control C and Control V, which are the most used shortcut keys for computer work. The CCCV blockchain service is based on Argo. CCCV operated by Blocko XYZ is NFT , LINK , BADGE , AD.

A total of 4 services are provided. CCCV NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is an NFT open market. It provides a content-oriented NFT transaction environment with high usability . CCCV LINK is a blockchain-based business card service. It provides a multi-link service that can manage complex SNS as one. The CCCV NFT service is characterized by easily providing a variety of optional services such as conditional, ticket, and membership types. Anyone can register and trade NFTs easily and quickly with just a few clicks, even without an understanding of the complex cryptocurrency ecosystem .

Conditional NFT is like this. In February , Blocko XYZ cooperated with KB Kookmin Card and bhc Chicken to support technology for ‘ coupon – type NFT ‘ . 500 among customers who downloaded a 2,000 won discount coupon for bhc from the KB Kookmin Card Livemate appIt is a way to select a person and provide an NFT work and a bhc 10,000 won ticket. Blocko XYZ was responsible for the production of coupon-type NFT for the event, technical support, and follow-up work for NFT coupon buyers. By applying ‘Conditional NFT’ technology, which is a coupon that can be kept permanently, rather than a coupon that disappears after use, NFT owners are offered benefits through various promotions.

The ticket-type NFT was introduced by Blocko together with CJ Olive Networks last year. CJ OliveNetworks is applying blockchain and NFT technology to One Order Ticket, an integrated ticket reservation solution in operation. In One Order Ticket, when a user issues a ticket, the CCCV NFT platform issues a unique NFT token for each issued ticket . Users can view and manage NFT tickets directly within the One Order Ticket app .

CCCV BADGEis a service that can express and authenticate various identity information as badges by using non-financial information and reputation information. CCCV AD supports various marketing collaboration tasks using NFT technology. Blocko XYZ is constantly working to expand its content. As part of this , Blocko XYZ also signed an MOU with the Maeil Economic Research Institute for NFT business in January. The two companies plan to cooperate on NFT -related projects. In addition, Blocko is collaborating with various content companies by utilizing the advantages of NFT technology. It is leading the NFT market through collaboration with leading domestic companies such as MBC , Heritage Art, and CJ Olive Networks. KB Kookmin Card also signed an MOU with Blocko XYZ , a subsidiary of Blocko, a blockchain specialized company, in January . The reason why Blocko gives power to content is that it believes that content is the essence of NFT . blocko

An XYZ official said, ” The creators have a competitive edge in NFT .” Users’ desire is not to be in the exchange, but to the writers they like. For this reason, it is explained that the NFT market installed in CCCV , which is used as a portfolio of creators, can be more competitive. Accordingly, Blocko does not directly produce content, but receives content from creators or intellectual property ( IP ) holders.