IM COMMUNITY & Aergo — AMA Summary (English and Chinese)

Q1.Can you briefly describe what is ? We would like to know more about it and how it works.

AERGO’s platform seeks to enable enterprises and developers to easily design, build and deploy their own blockchain applications within the cloud. The platform aims to offer the possibility for creators to tailor their blockchain and applications to their needs, by giving them the choice to run across either a public or private network. Taking into account the differing characteristics private and public blockchain implementations present, the choice between the two aims to give enterprises and developers the flexibility they desire when designing a purpose-specific application. Hosting everything across a secure cloud-hosted distributed network, AERGO also aims to alleviate businesses from significant overheads through the elimination of needing to establish physical infrastructure themselves to run blockchain protocols and applications. There are over 40 different real life productions in Enterprises that are used today. For more information please head to

Q2.What are the outstanding features of the Aero project compared to other projects?

We made working with AERGO easy for the enterprise customers. With AERGO Lite customers are able to directly use SQL on AERGO. Details are on our website Also, we believe that any service running on our platform must be easy for the end users, so working with Blocko (, our premier blockchain technology partner, we made services in a SaaS configuration. There are services such as NFT as a Service, NFT Marketplace as a Service, Voting as a Service, Token as a Service, and TSA as a Service. Customers can mint NFT with just a few clicks of the mouse, rather than going through complicated procedures.

Q3.What role does the $AERGO token play in your ecosystem? What are the benefits of long-term holding?

We have 2 tokens on AERGO, the utility mainnet tokens and ERC20 tokens for exchanges. The utility tokens are for our customers to pay for our transactions fees, while the ERC20 tokens have been listed in all the major exchanges. The benefits of holding our token is that we have been very consistent with the crypto market, in price wise. There have been no pump and dump scenarios. We constantly have news that give the investors assurance that the project is moving forward and evolving. Please check out our blog section on our website,

Q4.Can team please update some latest news or major events to attract more users ?

Recentlyl, AERGO has been very popular in the NFT space in South Korea. Major companies in Korea have minted NFT on the AERGO platform. There are many applications, not just art work, for the NFTs. Many companies are using the NFT as a digital coupon and tickets at major events. Online content creators are using NFTs to collect future royalties for exclusive content. Please check out our partner for NFT marketplace. Soon, AERGO will have a Token as a Service coming out where anyone will be able to mint their own tokens on the AERGO platform. Businesses are looking to convert their traditional point/mileage programs into tokens. AERGO team is also working on a DeFi platform slated to open in the Q3 or Q4.

Q5.What is the current and future development roadmap of the project?

We have recently created a developer incubation fund called AERGO Labs. The fund is for developers that are looking to bring their projects on the AERGO platform. Applications are on our website ( We are also working on a swap service, AERGO Swap to launch in 2022. We will also be further developing our relationship with to bring NFT to the masses. Later this year, AERGO plans to provide technical components for implementing Metaverse with SDK and services, and plans to expand the ecosystem for businesses to learn and use them.

Question 6. Right now , the market is adjusting sharply, the risks are very high but also a great opportunity for development projects. What are the characteristics of your project, and how is your development strategy to be able to compete and rise to the top among other projects

If you see the historical price of our AERGO on CMC or CoinGecko, you will see that we have been steadily growing and following market trends. We have added many new exchanges, including Coinbase and most recently. What characteristic that sets us apart is that we work with real life corporate customers that are non-blockchain. We have become mainstream because we don’t just work in the blockchain industry. We have worked with the largest corporations and continue to help them create great solutions for their customers.

Question7. I saw that many projects were unstable for a short period of time. At first, they started with hard work & good attention, after a few months later they didn’t pay attention to this project. Then it ended there. How do #Aergo plan to survive in the market?

Since the launch of the AERGO mainnet in April of 2019, AERGO has been steadily growing and has been in the news for various projects and partnerships. With large corporate partners like Samsung Electronics, and NFT projects with major corporations and museums, AERGO has been steadily growing. AERGO has been listed in the top exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase, and Recent NFT offline gallery openings and various retailers using NFT as coupons, we are accelerating to integrate to mainstream services.

Question.8 Aergo is Fast and scalable hybrid blockchain. Please share key performance indicators of the chain, such as the Number of blocks per second, time to completion of a transaction, transaction speed, cost per transaction, or something else? Can you compete with other blockchain?

DPos Consensus algorithm, with 10,000+ TPS, AERGO mainnet has been live since April 2019, transactions fee is $0.001. Technology is a great measurement of performance, however usage all depends on the solutions for the average person. Consumers, who are non crypto aware, use solutions based on convenience and needs. No one asks what development language is Instagram written nor what cloud provider does Tik Tok use. Solutions that meet and exceed consumer needs become widely used. Solutions that are on AERGO provide delightful user experience and satisfy the needs for the customer. NFTs that are coupons that work with major delivery companies are something that is fun and useful to the consumers. is a partner on the AERGO platform that provides suce service.

Question9. What is your strategy to attract new users and investors to your project and keep them in the long term because Marketing is a central element for every project, so everyone knowing the potential that a project can generate is critical to achieving the set goals?

Our strategy to attract new users and investors is to focus on our developer ecosystem and provide excellent service to attract relevant offline solutions that leverage AERGO. We follow the B2B2C model where we provide the framework for enterprises to reach their customers. We partnered with companies like Blocko to create SaaS solutions, so that businesses can easily deploy NFT services or token services with just few clicks. We do not have market makers that manipulate the token prices, nor do we do business with pump and dump groups. Our token price move organically. We focus on developers, partners, and the end users.

Question10 .Many projects appear to be successful only in their whitepaper and roadmap, but they face various problems when attempting to implement the project’s mission and eventually collapse. How does your project overcome every challenge in the development of its project?

We focused on developers and team members that have offline corporate relationships and networks. We focused on our developer community rather than our token price. We improved our platform and provided monetary and technical support to our partners. For the community, we listed the AERGO token on major global exchanges, including Coinbase, Binance,, OKEX, Kucoin, Upbit, Bithumb, and many more. Many of the team members are vetrans in the corporate world (non-crypto) and have serious networking power. We are able to access top comapnies and position our developer partners to create solutions on AERGO.




我们让企业客户与AERGO的合作变得轻松。通过AERGO Lite,客户可以直接在AERGO上使用SQL。详情请见我们的网站。此外,我们相信,在我们的平台上运行的任何服务对终端用户来说都必须是容易的,所以我们与宝高(Blocko .io)合作,我们以SaaS配置提供服务。有一些服务,如NFT即服务,NFT市场即服务,投票即服务,令牌即服务,以及TSA即服务。客户只需点击几下鼠标就可以创建NFT,而无需经历复杂的程序。






我们最近创建了一个名为AERGO Labs的开发者孵化基金。该基金是为那些希望将自己的项目带到AERGO平台上的开发者设立的。应用程序在我们的网站(上。我们还在研究交换服务,AERGO swap将于2022年推出。我们也将进一步发展与CCCV的关系。将NFT带到大众面前。今年晚些时候,AERGO计划为实现Metaverse提供SDK和服务的技术组件,并计划扩大生态系统,让企业学习和使用它们。






DPos共识算法,拥有10000 + TPS, AERGO主网自2019年4月上线,交易费为0.001美元。技术是衡量性能的重要指标,但使用情况完全取决于普通人的解决方案。对加密不敏感的消费者,基于便利性和需求使用解决方案。没有人问Instagram是用什么开发语言写的,也没有人问Tik Tok用的是哪家云提供商。满足并超过消费者需求的解决方案被广泛使用。AERGO上的解决方案提供了愉快的用户体验,满足了客户的需求。NFTs是与各大快递公司合作的优惠券,对消费者来说既有趣又有用。CCCV是AERGO平台的合作伙伴,该平台提供NFT服务。



Q10 -许多项目只在白皮书和路线图上看起来是成功的,但当他们试图执行项目的使命时,他们面临各种各样的问题,最终崩溃。你的项目是如何克服项目发展过程中的每一个挑战的?


关于Blocko & Aergo


AERGO定位于企业级公链,AERGO含Aergochain、Aergo Hub、Aergo Markerplace三个核心模块,其中Aergo Chain是一种公链协议,具有基于SQL的智能合约平台,并提供如分布式版本和并发控制等高级功能;AergoHub是一个区块链托管服务,用于构建、测试、部署和管理基于Aergo Chain的独立区块链。AERGO Marketplace能够在完全去中心化和安全的环境中实现点对点计算机资产交易。