Execution Intelligence Group (E24P) by Aergo and Blocko

There is information about creating a new Сonsortium – Execution Intelligence Group (E24P).

We have already received a part of the explanation about the goals of this organization from the text of the latest QPU:

Sequoia & Samsung-backed blockchain firms Aergo & Blocko launch Execution Intelligence Group (E24P), aims to address large-scale problems in Smart Government, Smart Tourism, Smart Supply Chains, and Smart Finance with breakthroughs in trusted computing, quantum, cryptography, green energy, IoT, smart identities and practical blockchain coupled with AI.

“We also developed a number of additional opportunities with leading partners to effectively jointly build a new partnership consortium focused on Aergo (but also other complementary technological capabilities) called the Execution Intelligence Group (E24P).” Page 13 in the QPU.

“To this effect we are launching and participating in a new Aergo-focused business partnership organization with select firms that have complementary bleeding-edge technologies and capabilities to Blocko. This partnership consortium will be called the Execution Intelligence Group (aka E24P) and will be based out of Abu Dhabi in the UAE. Abu Dhabi is now emerging as a true center of innovation for some of the world’s most ambitious government and large-scale industrial projects.”  Page 8 in the QPU.

We will follow the development of the project.