Blocko XYZ’s CCCV partners with Shinsegae to distribute NFTs

Blockchain company BlockoXYZ announced on the 27th that it will cooperate with Shinsegae DF to issue an NFT to commemorate the 6th anniversary of the founding of Shinsegae DF.

The NFT, issued through this business cooperation, is a video produced based on the entries from the Shinsegae DF employee contest ‘Put DF in my life’, and is issued to commemorate the 6th anniversary of the founding of Shinsegae DF. In this business collaboration, Blocko X YG will take charge of NFT issuance support and technical support, helping Shinsegae DF internally conduct events. the CCCV platform, Blocko X YG conducts NFT open market ‘CCCV NFT’, All-in-one Link service ‘CCCV LINK’, ‘CCCV BADGE’ that can authenticate various identity information, and marketing tasks using NFT technology. It provides ‘CCCV AD’ service that supports it. CCCV NFT has previously successfully published MBC’s ‘Infinite Challenge’ NFT and Paris Baguette’s ‘Jeju Heart Sand’ NFT.

Shinsegae DF plans to gift NFT to its employees through CCCV NFT, and employees can check the NFT gift through e-mail. With BlockoX YG’s NFT technology, the wallet is automatically connected when you sign up for a membership, and the NFT you receive as a gift is automatically transferred to the connected wallet. NFT works received as gifts can be easily checked in the collected works category in the profile.

BlockoX YG CEO Kim Kyung-hoon said, “I am happy to celebrate the 6th anniversary of Shinsegae DF through this business cooperation. There will be,” he said. In addition, he added, “We plan to build a good cooperative relationship with Shinsegae DF, starting with the 6th anniversary of the founding of NFT, so please look forward to it.”

Shingae has the world’s largest department store at 3,163,000 square feet, surpassing Macy’s Herald Square in New York City.