Aergo Swap Now Reopens as Aergo Bridge With Enhanced UI and Security: Medium Article by Aergo Official

Today, 06/05/2024, a long-awaited announcement from the Aergo team was released related to the work to resume the work of Aergo Swap, a service for exchanging Aergo tokens in the ERC-20 format for native tokens and reverse exchanges.

An article on the project’s official Medium page is dedicated to this event. You can read its contents below on our website:

Since 2018, the Aergo Swap service has been a critical tool for facilitating seamless transactions between different blockchain networks. It has served as a reliable conduit, allowing users to move assets across chains. While the core technology has seen regular updates to ensure security and effiAciency, the user interface has remained largely unchanged — until now.

Aergo Bridge introduces a completely redesigned user interface, crafted to meet the needs of a diverse user base. The new design emphasizes simplicity and ease of use. In parallel with the UI enhancements, the security framework of the bridge service has also received significant upgrades to safeguard user assets and data.

Final Note for the recent Aergo Swap FDS issue

Please refer to the previous report for more detailed information.

Since the transactions are on-chain, providing detailed information about transaction parties becomes challenging once a normal transaction is confirmed through a multi-sig wallet. However, with the bridge’s reopening today, we are gearing up for an external security audit. This audit, planned alongside the Aergo Bridges’ reopening, will include a thorough examination to address this issue.

Additionally, we are preparing for a major network update to seize new market opportunities which will include a security audit to ensure compliance. This audit, conducted by a reliable third party, aims to address many of the community’s concerns. Given the extensive Aergo codebase compared to other projects, this process will be both expensive and time-consuming. We are currently discussing the size and scope to ensure a comprehensive review. Once finalized, we will announce the details.

We will promptly share any issues or improvements identified during the audit to ensure the community can understand and discuss our response. Following the completion of this audit, we plan to undertake additional work based on the audit report. We will swiftly implement the suggested improvements further to enhance the safety and reliability of our projects.