AERGO Mobile Wallet Feedback

On May 31, Aergo’s official Medium page featured an article from Jae Nam about AERGO Mobile Wallet.

You can familiarize yourself with the content of the article on our website:

Dear AERGO Community,

AERGO Wallet (BETA) has been released. We would like your feedback. The wallet officially supports wallet as a mobile and is specifically built for Mainnet, Testnet and private networks(BETA). The browser wallet has built-in management of native AERGO tokens on the network and provides access to functions like staking and voting.


  • Local encrypted private key storage: your credentials never leave your Mobile phone
  • Ability to manage accounts on multiple AERGO blockchains
  • Send transactions: Both value transfers as well as contract calls, with special support for governance transactions
  • Export and Import of encrypted keystore files

Please download the application and leave us your feedback.

For security related reports, please contact us at

We are going to release AERGO mobile wallet iOS version soon. Please stay tuned for further announcement.