Obaid words. Update

There was an addition to the speech of Obaid, a Blocko employee appeared. The previous part of his appeal to the Aergo community can be found here: https://myaergo.com/obaid-words/

Here you can find the addition to these words:

Happy new year to you all.

To be clear: A key and central focus for the Blocko MENA team is impact — not only for the client or the lives of citizens in the UAE — but our broader Aergo community as a whole. The way that the deals will be announced and positioned will bear this central focus in mind. You can be assured that we are and will be doing what we can and that we have the interests of our token holders in mind.

Also, you may have been aware of our joint Oxford Computer Science & Blocko-Aergo technology briefing session from mid Dec 2019 where dozens of CIOs/CTOs/CDOs from government & high-corporate in Dubai attended to learn more about a new technology solution potentially being built on Aergo to address multiple issues around data sovereignty/silos/security (some photos below, I’ll be posting the hi-res photos once they’re processed by our marketing team from The Private Office of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum). We can’t talk too much about this, but I will say one thing: it is big. Hopefully we’ll be able to share more with you in due course.

The professor you see presenting after Phil in the photos is Prof. Ivan Martinovic of Oxford University (cs.ox.ac.uk/people/ivan.martinovic), who was the representitative from The Blockhouse Technology Limited (TBTL) that presented alongside us in Dubai. He gave a fascinating speech and showcased a live demo of some of TBTL’s technology. The technology is truly unusual and mind-boggling and we look forward to sharing more soon ?