Generation Foundation and BLOCKO Partnership

GenerationFDN, a blockchain technology partner of the Web3 metaverse platform NEXTERA, announced on the 15th that it has signed an MOU with the Blocko_io.


‘Generation Foundation’ and ‘BLOCKO’ have signed MOU to cooperate with each other on the following matters to the extent permitted by laws and bylaws, and the specific contents and conditions for the implementation of each cooperation matter can be determined through separate consultation if necessary.

1. Inducing and spreading public interest in NFT through joint cooperation between ‘GEN’ and ‘BLOCKO’

2. Secure joint business opportunities in the field of Web 3.0

3. Discussion on the development of linked services for the expansion of other NFT ecosystems



BLOCKO is a blockchain specialized technology company that has experienced and achieved the largest amount of business cases in South Korea.

By launching AERGO mainnet in 2018, BLOCKO will develop a blockchain solution that will help enterprises and the public to utilize the blockchain to a various extent. Blockchain is an infrastructure. Blockchain is composed of multiple technologies and the application and implementation of blockchain to the real world is not an easy task.
Despite the fact that many people recognize the possibilities of blockchain, there is hesitation and difficulty in introducing this technology. BLOCKO provides a highly reliable blockchain platform by leveraging the technologies and the vast experience the company has gained over the years.

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About Generation

Generation (GEN) is an integrated Web 3.0 platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. GEN rewards users who contribute to the platform in the Web 3.0 ecosystem.The Web 3.0 pursued by GEN provides an ecosystem where users can obtain accurate rewards for economic value through their sovereignty through various activities such as L2E (Life to Earn) and I2E (Information to Earn). Users create value and receive rewards through platform activities built within the ecosystem, and have new experiences through the connection between the virtual and real worlds.Generation Foundation pursues the Web 3.0 ecosystem that achieves growth with its users.

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