AERGO vs other Hybrid Blockchains Kadena, Kardiachain & Insolar

The table below provides comparative information on Projects Aergo, Kadena, Kardiachain and Insolar.

If you analyze the table above, you can come to the conclusion that Aergo is a promising and underrated Project. In the long term, hybrid blockchains will have good potential and integrations in real life, in real business processes.

Of the blockchain Projects presented, the Aergo team launched its Mainnet earlier than the others, in April 2019. Currently, the network has been operating for about 1.5 years, more than 50 million blocks have already been created.

The Aergo Mainnet has already handled about 570,000 transactions, more than double the Kadena Mainnet. The main Kardiachain network has not been launched, with a launch scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year.

Pay attention to the market capitalization of Projects. Aergo’s capitalization is only $11 mln (for comparison, Kardiachain is $28 mln without running the mainnet). It should be noted that $11 millions is an estimate with a Circulating Supply of more than half of the 500 mln Total Supply tokens.

For comparison, the capitalization of Kadena is about $ 8 million with Circulating Supply at 5% of Total Supply.

Comparing all the main characteristics, we can see that Aergo is undervalued and potentially has good prospects for capitalization growth.