AERGO January Newsletter #13

Jan 5: AERGO Joins DTT Alliance Update

We released an update on the Decentralized Trusted Timestamping Alliance, notable alliance members, and corporate interest.

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Jan 19: AERGO Smart Contract Deployment Tutorial

We released a series of videos on how you can deploy your own Smart Contract on Aergo, and in Lua.

Jan 20: Aergo Hub Closed Beta goes LIVE in South Korea

Aergo Hub is a PaaS app that focuses on being agile and easy to use. We launched our closed beta with more information below.

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Jan 26: AERGO dApp incubation program funds CCCV Service

Aergo’s dApp incubation program has committed its first investment to Blocko for 2 Million AERGO tokens for the development of CCCV – A distributed identity management service that helps anyone easily manage various accounts and identities based on BLOCKCHAIN DID.

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