Aergo 2-way swap (native to ERC-20)

On September 25, the official page of the Aergo project released an announcement about Aergo 2-way native token swap to ERC-20

Aergo have officially launched 2-way token swap for exchanging between Aergo native tokens to Aergo ERC-20.

Users can now perform two way swaps from Aergo native coins on the mainnet to ERC-20, and vice-versa.

Note: This is not to be confused with swapping service for Binance DEX which is BEP2 →ERC-20. You can read more about this swap here.

Steps for performing a swap from ERC-20 to Aergo Mainnet Tokens can be found here.

A gentle reminder that:

  • Aergo native coins will be used for utility on the Aergo platform: staking in block producer elections on the main network*, utilizing dApps, executing smart contracts and transactions, and so on.
  • Aergo ERC-20 tokens will be purchased through exchanges. Aergo is currently available and traded on exchanges in the ERC-20 token format.

If you are making a withdrawal from Mainnet to ERC-20, make sure your Mainnet tokens are in view through our Aergo Connect Chrome Wallet Extension. You will be prompted an ERC-20 address to receive your tokens to and additionally a deposit address to send your Mainnet Tokens for swapping to.

Now without further ado, here are the steps to performing a token swap from Mainnet tokens → Aergo ERC-20.

5 steps for performing Native Aergo token swap to ERC-20:

  1. Head over to and select For Withdrawal.
  2. In the text field, enter your Ethereum Wallet Address to receive AERGO ERC-20 and Create Account.
  3. You will see your Aergo Mainnet deposit address to send your tokens from your Aergo Connect Wallet. Copy this Aergo Wallet Address. Hit Confirm.
  4. You may now navigate to Send on your Aergo Connect Wallet and paste this address into the Recipient and fill in the amount you wish to send. If you are only sending tokens, make sure the Type is set to Normal.
  5. Confirm the transaction, and it should be on its way!

Below are several screenshots to help guide you through your swapping process:

Input the wallet you want to receive your AERGO ERC-20

Please note the address used above is for demonstration purposes only.

Paste your Ethereum Wallet which you want to receive AERGO ERC-20 to.

Hit Create Account.

When your withdrawal address is successful, copy the deposit address provided which looks like this:

This is your Mainnet deposit address to send your Mainnet tokens to for swapping

Make sure to hit the copy icon or manually copy the provided deposit address.

Hit Confirm.

Navigate to your Aergo Connect Wallet and make sure you have selected your Aergo Mainnet Wallet with AERGO balance inside which you wish to send.

In this demonstration, we are selecting the wallet.

NOTE: Be sure that you are sending over Aergo Mainnet tokens and NOT Testnet tokens as this will not work.

After selecting it, navigate to the SEND tab and PASTE the deposit address from that you have been provided in the previous step.

It should look as follows:

Paste your generated deposit address (make sure it starts with A and is NOT an ETH address)

Input the amount you wish to send, make sure it is set to aergo.

Hit Continue and you will be prompted with the following confirmation page:

Ensure that the deposit address is the same as the address you have pasted from in the previous steps. If true, hit Confirm.

Congratulations! You have successfully sent over your Mainnet tokens to the deposit address to swap for ERC-20.

You can check your Aergo native coin balance through the Aergo Connect wallet or the Aergo Scan block explorer.

Please take note of the following estimated time schedules for swapping AERGO Mainnet tokens to ERC-20

  • Native AERGO  ERC-20 AERGO 5 minutes

For other swaps

  • ERC-20 AERGO  BEP2 AERGO 5 minutes
  • BEP2 AERGO  ERC-20 AERGO 5 minutes

If you have not received your Aergo native coins after 6 hours, please contact with your queries and the team address it right away.

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